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Comfortable and energy-saving ventilation experience

Powerful HVLS Fans series 10
Storm but Uniform Airflow

Different from most large industrial ceiling fans on the market that rely on rapid turning speeds to generate unsteady and uneven airflows, Powerful HVLS Fan series 10 large industrial ceiling fans wield outstanding motor control to generate even and gentle winds. In addition, the unique expanded air flow design of the series 10 allows for even better internal and external air circulation in large areasIt’s the best choice for air-circulation on the large factory, warehouse, agriculture.

BLDC Motor
BLDC Motor
More than 90% Of motor efficiency, gearless direct drive motor , no need for regular lubrication maintenance.
Compared with the same level of US EC products, it saves 32% of electricity to reduces carbon dioxide emissions
Air Smoothly
Air Smoothly
Aerodynamic diversion designs, the generated airflow is gentle and does not include flow-breaks. it is closer to the natural wind
Safety First
Safety First
Sunon applied unibody yoke to prevent potential risks from cracking or rusting if yoke production process is not proper.

Facility Type

factory, ranch, greenhouse, hangar, gymnasium, warehouse, hypermarket, supermarket, exhibition hall
Facility Type
Facility Type
Facility Type
Product Description
Energy saving and carbon reduction
SUNON has been focusing on ESG issues for years, actively developing energy-saving technologies and products in its core business, and is committed to providing comprehensive cooling solutions and services for industries related to environmental sustainability. To ensure environmental friendliness, SUNON's full range of HVLS ceiling fan series products adopted the BLDC energy-saving motors and non-toxic materials, so that all our customers can not only save electricity but also reduce environmental pollution.
Forward and reverse function,warm in winter and cool in summer
Powerful HVLS Fan Industrial energy-saving large ceiling fan can drive a large area of ​​smooth air flow. It can replace air conditioners at normal temperatures. In summer, workers can feel a temperature difference of 5-8 degrees. Comfortable ambient temperature effectively improves work efficiency. In winter, the reverse mode can be switched to push down the heat accumulated on the roof, reducing the indoor temperature difference and achieving natural temperature regulation. Therefore, when used with an air conditioning system, it can effectively reduce cooling and heating costs by 25% to 30%.

Summer body cooling


Winter average heating


Weldness Yoke
Adopting unibody yoke to prevent potential risks from cracking or rusting if yoke production process is not proper.
Redundant Conjunction
Adopting three sets of screws for each conjuctions makes HVLS Fan more stable with the effects of low viibration and crosswind resistance.
Double Suspensions
Main safety cable wrapping around the I-beam and four-directed guy wire to strengthen stability and construction safety of the ceiling fan.
RF配對 無死角遙控
Interlocking Retainer Structure
The airfoil are locked with an interlocking retainer structure, which can reduce the risk of airfoil falling off.
Airfoil kit fatigue validation over million times
Sunon Powerful HVLS Fan ultilizes reinforced airfoil.The equipped airfoil structs passed millions of bending fatigue testing back and forth to avoid the risk of airfoil struts breaking or fan airfoil falling due to long term opertaion.
智慧控制 盡在彈指之間
Environmental Sustainability Starts from the Right Product Selection
SUNON puts thinking about how to put environmental sustainability into practice in our production from selecting fan materials to packaging design. SUNON's ceiling fan products are made of raw materials that comply with EU RoHS non-toxic environmental protection standards to reduce environmental pollution caused during production. In terms of packaging, the cheap Styrofoam packaging with cushioning properties has been fully replaced by recyclable paper materials for lightweight products, while heavier commercial ceiling fans are protected with paper materials along with recyclable foam materials. From design to production and shipment, SUNON strives to do its best for the sustainable environment of the world's land and ocean.

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