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Comfortable and energy-saving ventilation experience

Powerful HVLS Fans series 10
Storm but Uniform Airflow
Different from most large industrial ceiling fans on the market that rely on rapid turning speeds to generate unsteady and uneven airflows
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Powerful HVLS Fan series 3
Strong and Gentle Breeze
Powerful HVLS Fan series 3 is suitable for cooling a large space, it reduces body temperature efficiently and heat dissipation evenly. The high-efficiency BLDC direct-drive motor shows remarkable results and does not require regular oil change for long-term use. This is your top choice for long-term investment in commercial space.
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Powerful HVLS Fan series 1
Leisure Life in Urban Area
SUNON HVLS Fan has a lighter and stylish look. The airfoil combines aircraft-grade aluminum with a patented winglet design, it reduces the wind resistance and wind noise. Suitable for users who don’t have high ceilings, worry about oppressive space, or want a quieter environment.
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Embrace the Slow-paced Life
With the Earth's axis tilted at 23.5°, it created the beautiful sceneries of the 4 seasons. With the 31° curvilinear design of the SUNON Morden HVLS FAN blade, it created not only a massive airflow, but also an ultra silent operation. The 6 speed rotation ensured you a silent natural breeze, the unique blades gently running through the air revitalizing your space with a rustic breeze
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